Our company specializes in the sale of unique apparel. Our pilot product, Pet Carrier Hoodie, is a hoodie that many small pet owners and their pets will love. It gives you the ability to essentially wear your pet (like a kangaroo) or just cuddle with them nestled inside your Pet Carrier Hoodie. Where’d The Idea Come From? The founder, Cory Schop, grew up on a farm. As a child he remembers putting kittens in the pockets of his hoodie and how much they loved it. Fast forward years later, after many years as a marketer and an increase in the number of women with small dog breeds, the idea struck him one day – why not make a hoodie with a pouch like a kangaroo to carry around small pets? Where Are You Located? Currently, we are an online store only that ships from the USA to happy customers worldwide. How Long’s has the “PET CARRIER HOODIE” Been Around? The Pet Carrier Hoodie was created in 2015. Who Are the Creators? Cory Schop is the original founder. After growing up on a farm, Cory’s love for animals with a strong passion for internet marketing led to the creation of the Pet Carrier Hoodie.

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